Training Standards

Our Mission

The Regional Pre-apprenticeship Collaboration is dedicated to promoting and supporting the highest standards in training for our region’s pre-apprentices. These standards produce successful apprentices who are trained prepared to meet the workforce needs of the skilled trades and the companies that employ them.

Soft Skills

Understanding/Overcoming barriers to employment

Job interview Readiness

Financial Literacy/Budgeting 

Professional Portfolio (includes Work record, certificates, resume)

Trades Math


Basic Math


Basic geometry/layout 


PPE Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Data Sheets


Proper use Hand Tools/Power Tools

Industry Skills

Terminology/tool & materials identification

Operations such as climbing, cutting, lay out, and measuring 

Lifting & carrying >50 lbs with timed endurance

Navigating the Job Site

Chain of Command

Job Site communication

Handling sexism, racism, bullying and harassment

Navigating the Trades

Unions History

Apprenticeship wages/benefits/promotions

Collective bargaining


Work records/recorded hours

Commonly Offered

Implicit Bias

Forklift/Flaggers/CPR/1stAid/ OSHA 10

Working at height>20 ft/Fall Protection & restraint

Training Resources

Files coming soon.


Locks & Fences to Jobs & Paychecks

Check out this great video on the Trades Related Apprenticeship Coaching (TRAC) program.